before i knew it

A Monday morning and I’m comfortable on the couch instead of at work.  OK, so I have me work e-mail open and I’m actually doing things I shouldn’t be… but still, I’m on the couch.  That counts, right?  It’s gonna be short today, but I just can’t let this thing go for nearly a week.  Last week was super busy again at work, and I just didn’t have time to write at night – sad but true.

Saturday Sharaun’s folks got into town, and we’ve been spending the past couple days just hanging out and settling into vacation-mode.  Yesterday after church, I ran up to Home Depot and grabbed some sprinkler parts for a little job I wanted to do in the backyard, father-in-law came along (men do trips to Home Depot like women do trips to bar bathrooms – together).  Gary (my father-in-law) helped me work the sprinklers a bit, and we both enjoyed some cold beers in the sun.  We enjoyed them so much, in fact, that before I knew it was going on 11pm and we were still sitting around the table in the backyard.  Sharaun and her mom had long gone inside and left us alone, we’d moved the beer into a tableside cooler for easier access, and the iPod was kicking the classic Motown (Gary’s favorite).

Eventually, we wobbled inside and watched a little Olympics with the womenfolk before calling it a night.  Was a good day: got the sprinklers fixed, and hung with Sharaun’s dad like we were old college buddies.  And now, I’m looking at three mostly-vacation days before I do some “working from home” vacation days (part of the many subtle shades of vacation my sawmill permits, neither really 100% disconnected – but both still very fulfilling).  Should be a good week.

See ya around.

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