size doesn’t matter

Monday and I did nothing  — it was great.

Well, not nothing.  I finished fixing the sprinklers in the backyard (requiring another trip to the Home Depot) and put up the speakers stands I’d had down since we painted in here.  I also went out and picked up an ice cream cake for Sharaun’s birthday (which is today).

I got Keaton her own card to give her Mom, and we locked ourselves up in the bedroom with a box of crayons so she could decorate it and make it personal.  Was another low-key vacation day (it’s how her folks tend to “vacate,” and I can’t say I have anything in the world against it), and a low-key birthday for Sharaun too.  Enjoyable.

Friday, as I was about to leave work, a buddy sent me a mail about a new free application for the iPhone that he thought I might dig.  Called Simplify Media, it’s a program that you run on your “main” PC at home (or wherever) and on your iPhone.  The part that stays resident on your home machine talks to your home-based or main music collection and streams it to your iPhone.  That may sound trivial, but what it actually means is something else altogether: Size doesn’t matter.  I mean, guys… with this free application, I can seamlessly access and listen to my entire ~250GB music collection from my iPhone – even though it “lives” on a machine in our closet at home.

Anywhere I have internet, I have my entire music collection in my pocket.  All this time, I’ve been waiting for a bigger capacity iPod… and I never thought that all I really needed was connectivity.  Brilliant.  What’s even cooler?  You can share your library, let other people access it.  So, if you’ve got an iPhone, you’ve also got my ~250GB of music.  Honestly, this is just the beginning of the eventual… a future when you’ll have access to any piece of music, anytime, anywhere…

Folks around here seem to have the sniffles… Keaton and Sharaun’s mom both, and now I’ve got that telling tickle at the back of my throat that says something’s up with my sinuses.  Hoping this quasi-vacation doesn’t get stolen away by a cold.  Wish it with me folks: Let me not be sick; let me not be sick; let me not be sick.

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got.  I offer my apologies.

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