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Tuesday and the week plods along.

If you’re caught up to yesterday’s entry you know that I don’t feel like I spent near enough time away from work to “bond” with my newly larger family.  I did, however, use what time I had wisely.  I tried to spend purposeful time with both Keaton and Cohen.  However, since time with Cohen chiefly amounts to napping together on a couch, I’ll share here about some daddy-daughter time that Keaton and I had last week.

We joined a friend and his son (also a good friend of Keaton’s) on a hike to a local waterfall.  We left early and grabbed breakfast along the way and had a gorgeous day for some fun in the water, sight-seeing, hiking and even some basic four-year-old-compatible rock scrambling.  Keaton was a champ, and followed my instructions well, practicing safe climbing during the hairiest parts of the short ~200ft ascent.  She did slip on some decomposed granite a couple times, once falling enough to scrape her calve before I could pull her up (we had a strict “always hold daddy’s hand while climbing” policy for just this reason).  Here are some pictures of the expedition (please excuse the sasquatch escorting her):

We spent more than a few hours wandering around, wading, and enjoying creation.  And in the end Keaton was immensely proud of herself for making the haul to the top (we were proud of both the kids, as they both did really well on the little outing).  In fact we talked about getting them each a “climbing” or “hiking” badge ala Scouts or something to tout their new experience (maybe I’m not  properly conveying the amount of pride they each felt in their efforts… but it was a big deal for them both).

I’ve been making regular trips back to that waterfall in my head at my desk this week…


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