room to move

With the sickly-sweet scent of yesterday’s decaying epic still fresh in my nostrils, I sit back down to hammer out more words and poorly-punctuated sentences. I’ll keep doing it, you know, until something changes my habits so drastically it falls of my list of valued tasks or until I just don’t care anymore. But with the writing here consuming more and more of my thoughts (although, strangely enough, not my time), I don’t see that happening soon.

Sometime after we got back from Florida, my computer magically turned itself off overnight. Since then, it refused to turn back on… denying even my heartfelt urging. I left it this way for a while, not wanting to do computer work at home, and not really needing it to be operational for anything immediate. I could use my laptop to write blogs, and make Keaton videos, and everything else I do on a daily basis. Today, though, I got tired of not being able to access my RAID array. So, I set about debugging the issue. To make a long story short, I ended up at a bad power supply. Scrapped the power supply, and, while I was all up in the guys anyway, I went ahead and pulled the whole damn mess and migrated it all to a much roomier case. Sure, it sits some 3ft tall and sounds like a Beechcraft, but it’s working again. In fact, I’m typing this on it right now…

That’s it folks, spent most of the night eating burgers with friends – no time to write.


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