no cohen yet

We’re still waiting.

Keaton even bent her little face into mom’s belly and asked so sweetly, “Cohen?  I’m ready for you to come out now, can you come out today?”  Already antagonizing his sister.

Tomorrow is the doctor-set induction date so, unless something happens naturally in the next twenty-four hours we’ll wake up and drive to the birth of our second child like any other appointment.  While the end result will no doubt be as amazing as it was the first time around, I do think I might miss the “event” of a non-induced labor.  (Maybe don’t tell Sharaun I said that, though, OK?)

One time-based bonus, we were able to do a massive house-cleaning after church on Sunday – something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks to make the place more “ready” for Cohen’s arrival.  I finished the new closet in his room and we dusted, vacuumed, cleaned floors, bathrooms, blinds, did laundry, the whole Cinderella gamut.

Yeah we’re ready.  Anytime Cohen, anytime.

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