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After dinner tonight (Manwiches™, which were freakin’ awesome), I feel asleep hard on the couch. I mean, I fell out. Woke up to my cellphone ringing, but didn’t feel like answering it when the caller ID said it was work. I dunno… lately… there’ve been things going on that I haven’t really been writing about, for one reason or another I just haven’t. Soon though, I can talk about some stuff that’s been going on – work-related and not, and maybe that’ll shake the doldrums of recent entries. I want to write about stuff, but better judgment tells me to keep things under wraps until I feel a little more comfortable. Don’t worry, nothing too earth-shattering… I’ll still be writing for the foreseeable future. Because, I know someone somewhere was worried about that… yeah.

I wanted to try and get to bed early tonight, break the chain of too-late nights and reluctant getting-out-of-beds in the morning. But it’s nearing 11pm now and I still have to logon and send a few last minute mails for early meetings in non-US timezones. Sharaun’s monopolizing the laptop watching the downloaded season one of Lost, so I have to wait until she’s done with the current episode. I haven’t been fixating much on it, but I’m booking my next round of travel tomorrow. Shanghai in two weeks, Taiwan in September. It will be my first time in Shanghai, so I’m excited about that. I try to rattle off the “plus” side of the pro/con worksheet: skymiles, career-beneficial, travel, company-funded, etc… but I still find myself alternating between reluctance and reservation… neither of which is really that desirable. Whatever, at least it’ll give me something to write about – instead of the same old: “I’m traveling again, kinda want to, kinda don’t,” crap.

Dudes… I am just one referral away from a free iPod, so if someone’s feeling charitable – click here, sign up for one of the crazy offers (I chose the one, but now they’ve got a subscription to Maxim one), let the free period almost expire, then call to cancel. If you find it in your heart to do this, I get a free iPod. Not the 200GB one which I need and Apple doesn’t make yet, but at least a stop-gap for the time being. C’mon, help a brother out – it’s legit.

And, I guess it’s been done to death now, but Arturo’s got his pictures up from our Point Reyes hike as well.


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