let’s hoist one

Hey Friday, good to see you again… feels like a long time.  Let’s hoist a drink to putting a point at the end of a fine week.

Again my days, each one, were overripe; swollen with work and not-work, stretching and bulging and going soft in spots.  In the end, though, things were good.  Work was rewarding in a way it seldom is, with several pieces of outright praise and formal acknowledgment; the kind of stuff that can keep a worker motivated for half a year or so (not to mention the kind of stuff that can give a worker a God complex and therefore needs to be basked-in cautiously).  Outside-work was evenings filled with activity… not a one left wanting for something to do (also something that can be a blessing and a curse).  Anyway, I expect the whole thing will lead to an exhausted collapse of a Friday.

Wednesday night Sharaun and I hit up the Black Eyed Peas show she won tickets to over the weekend.  While they’re not my favorite act by any stretch, I can dig a few of their more melodic dancey tracks and have enjoyed seeing them live a couple times before.  In fact, the last time we saw the Black Eyed Peas Sharaun was pregnant with Keaton.  We joked that both of our kids will have “seen” the Black Eyed Peas in utero.  The show was OK but the free radio tickets were in the nosebleeds and the sound was sort of echoey and bass-heavy by the time it bounced its way up to our ears.  Plus the couple sitting directly in front of us had brought their kids, a ten year old and maybe a five year old, both little girls.  Seeing the little one out so late covering her ears and looking all mopey and bored while her mom bounced around ignoring her made me sad.


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