are you her dad?

This picture in no way means I'm about to be a dad..
Ahh.. only two days into the GDM project and already I’m discovering some problems. I decided to make doubly sure all my rips were perfect and error free, so I did some more random sampling of the albums ripped so far. What got me thinking was the behavior of the cd-r/w drive that I’ve been using to rip the discs. It’s been getting “hung up” when I put new discs in, almost like it’s having trouble reading them. That got me a little paranoid, so I started checking songs. Sure enough, there were bad rips in there. Some albums were ripped so bad that it made listening impossible. I had to start from scratch again using my dvd-r/w drive as the ripping source. I’ve also downloaded some tools to check MP3s for errors, so I can run a quick “check” after each album is ripped. It’s not perfect, however, since I found at least one error it didn’t by listening. So, the quality-control on this effort has to be top-notch or I could end up with a bunch of useless MP3s with no source to revert to. Changed my encoder too, yippee. It’s all on the page.

The other day I went up to Anthony’s daughter’s school to check out some big production all the 6th graders were doing for their “country reports.” They set up the auditorium with big props from their countries, and served regional foods from those countries. It was cool. Near the end of the event, Brontë was hanging out with Sharaun and I and one of her friends came up and started talking to us. At some point, she turned to me and asked “Are you her dad?” Now, it didn’t hit me at the time – I simply said “No.” But? am I her dad?! For real guys, I must be totally old if kids are mistaking me for the father of a 6th grader. Maybe it’s the thinning hair, or the way I carry myself with so much authority. Ugh? whatever, I’m totally old.

I was pumped to get the news today that the house appraisal came back extremely positive. The refi closes this month and then we get back $400/mo. Sheesh that’s gonna help with the house. It’s time to work on getting some furniture, finishing the backyard, painting, getting some pictures for the wall, and all other sorts of domestic-like projects that we’ve been to destitute to get into.

This has been a mediocre week for the blog. Lackluster entries that are short and not fun to read. Sorry. I guess I’ve been preoccupied with other stuff. We’re no longer going down to Chowchilla today, so I have the weekend to do some sprinkler prep.

Grateful Dead on 3wk, “… Jack Straw from Wichita…” Dave out.

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