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Crickets.Happy Thursday friends.  I’m writing as the clock closes in on midnight; a time when I, arguably, should be in bed.  But no, I has some words come… so I’m gonna make it happen.  Here goes.

Sometimes, when I find out that a friend I didn’t know has a blog keeps a blog I get really excited.  I’ve been known to go and read everything they’ve ever posted in one sitting.  Occasionally, this is impossible because they’ve been posting for a long time or with insane frequency.  More often, they posted a lot for a little while and then dried up.  Still, it’s interested to read what people write… old, new, sparse, thick… interesting either way.

Blogging, in this form at least, feels somewhat antiquated these days.  With the Tweeter and the Facebooks and whatever else the kids are using these days (I mean aside from deemsters and amps), the old page-form long-post kinda blog is becoming a fossil of the Gen-X internet crowd.  The new thing is real-time, always-writing updates.  Bursts, call-and-response volleys, that’s the way to go.  I can see the charm, and excitement, that back-and-forth mini-conversations can offer, particularly if they are enhanced with real-time media like pictures or videos.  And despite being a cooler-than-thou Facebook holdout, I am attracted to the notion of perhaps one day “signing up.”

Even if I do, one day some day, sign up for the Facebooks… I intend to continue posting here.  I love this medium… the long-entry medium, the “blog” medium.  I like writing in paragraph form; like being able to develop thoughts over the course of rambling.  Recently, I installed a fancy statistics plugin looking for some insight into my posting habits.  It tells me that I’ve made 1,191 posts in all.   That’s over the course of about six years.  Apparently, I tend to post most often on Tuesdays, and more in the months of January and October than the others.   And, despite the fact that it seems to me like I go through some significant dry-spells and downtime (as I’ve felt lately), the overall averages say that I’ve pretty much posted with the same frequency all a long (calculated as total posts over total time sounds familiar has been around).

So, the blog remains.  I continue to work at it and continue to want to.  Goodnight.

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