i actually called nintendo power

I don’t even feel like writing right now, so apologies if this sucks. Seems like all my people back in the F-L-A made it through the hurricane OK – only to face another one a mere week later. I’m with ya Floridians, I’m with ya.

Sitting here, around 10pm on a Thursday night – the most exciting thing I did tonight being take out the garbage for tomorrow and watch a TiVo’d episode of Reno 911. I just didn’t feel like doing anything, y’know? Put on T. Rex’s greatest hits and I’m groovin’, you don’t have this album? Man, you’re missing some dope, dope stuff y’allz. I mean, take a listen to “I Love to Boogie” or “Children of the Revolution” and tell me you just don’t wanna blare this indulgent 70’s glam out the open windows of your Ford Explorer while driving by the high school. What? Who’s cool!

Speaking of cool, Sharaun and I were in the mall a few weeks ago, and we ended up in a little store called Hot Topic. I mean, I’d been in Hot Topic’s before, you know it if you’ve been there – all employees are required to be goth teens (serious, it’s in the application or something), and they specialize in hot-right-now goods of all kinds. I mean, whatever is the nerd/goth/glam-chic of the minute fills the inventory. In short, it’s an awesome study in alterna-teen pop culture. And, I’m happy to say: according to what trendy-but-aloof teens think is cool right now, I’m the bees knees.

Seeing shelves stocked with shirts like this and this and this and this and this sent me into a near frenzy. So awesome. If they woulda had these back in my day, I woulda worn them while I played ultimate-universe-war with my action figures (you know, like when all of He Man fights all of GI Joe and Star Wars?). Only thing is, back then they wouldn’t have been cool – just nerdy. Who cares though, I left feeling empowered, actually having real memories of the things on those shirts – knowing. I am retro-rad baby, that’s right. I don’t need to pretend; I actually called Nintendo Power, we had Jarts, and I saw Gremlins in a theater. They say trends recycle every fifteen years – so right now I’m about as cool as I was when I was thirteen, which, and I gotta tell ya, was damn cool for thirteen. But for real, the one in the skull-shape of dungeon one in the Legend of Zelda? Oh man, totally off the awesome scale.

Oh, and I saw the FBI released some more info on a favorite case of mine from last year. They’re now calling it the “Collarbomber” case, and they released some of the notes that this pizza deliveryman was supposed to follow in order to remove the collar-bomb locked to his neck, before it detonated. Anyway, I dig stuff like that.

Dave out.

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