no barking from the dogs, no smog

Trading up.You guys came back!  Cool.

Thursday night in our living room right now, and I cut the air Sharaun’s been running all day.  And now, I’m too proud to admit that it’s hot in here and I’d actually be more comfortable with the air on, because of the big stink I made about it “being nice outside” and “not wasting money.”  So, we swelter.

Today was a good day.  We had an “offsite” at work, where the troops all get together at the lake and barbecue chicken and hot dogs and hamburgers and whatnot.  I was in charge of chicken, and it came out well.  Then, around 10pm Jeff texted me to share that the Senate had passed the Cash for Clunkers legislation I’ve been waiting on (read more here and here).

In an attempt to figure out which version of the bill actually passed, I contacted a “connected” friend via some late-night IMing, and she was able to help me find the final approved language on Thomas here. Luckily for me, the House version I blogged about before is the language that passed the Senate  – and that means we’re eligible for $4,500 for the busted Ford, as long as our new vehicle averages 19MPG or better (and yes, I already have an Excel spreadsheet).

Additionally, one of my favorite bits in the text reads, “Combination with other incentives permitted.”  Hear that?  “Permitted!”  That means in addition to the $4,500 credit I might be able to double up with some other “hookup” deal (either through work or well-connected friends).

Now it’s off to Obama’s desk and then into the implementation phase, which the bill specifies should take thirty days (meaning dealers should be ready administer the program in that amount of time post-Obama).  Thirty days then; thirty days for Sharaun and I to figure out what vehicle we want and how to outfit it.  Thirty days and Obama gets us a new car.

And, despite some shame, I’m ready for the handout.  Goodnight.

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