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Batch.Keaton and I are alone tonight.

Sharaun abandoned us for a New Kids on the Block concert somewhere down south (uh-huh, another one).  She carpooled with some other New Kids freaks she met on the internet.  Did you know they have a whole social-networking site just for New Kids fans?  They do.

Actually, speaking of the New Kids… I have to admit that I’m impressed with their marketing.

First, they know their former tween and teen fans are now in their thirties, and have recognized they have disposable cash they are only too happy to burn to steal away from their kids and families and relive those boyband crushes, if just for a night (or… an endless string of nights, perhaps).

Next, they’ve really taken advantage of modern “marketing 2.0.”  Seriously, I would not give these guys credit if it weren’t due.  However, they use the internet to it’s maximum, they use text and voice messaging to cellphones, they use social networking – all these things to whip a fanbase into an excited cash-burning frenzy.  And, it works… it totally works.

Eh, but they still piss me off.  At least they make Sharaun happy.  I got this text from her around 10:30pm: “I touched Joe’s hand!  It gets better and better.”  Sheesh.

Anyway, with Keaton and I on our own for the evening I decided I’d take her on a “date” to one of her favorite places for dinner.  There’s a Ruby Tuesday so close to our house you can hit it with rocks if you aim right (and don’t throw like a girl, as I do).  Around 6pm we walked down there together, holding hands as we crossed the two streets on the way.  I had a wonderful time, and judging by the macaroni and cheese in her blonde hair, she seemed to enjoy it too.  Almost makes $20 for a salad and small bowl of macaroni and cheese seem tolerable.  Almost.

Goodnight guys, I’m not waiting up for Sharaun… they are gonna hang out after the show in hopes of meeting up with the “band” and going for waffles, or some such nonsense.

Love and kisses.

– Postscript –

Sharaun walked in the door and fell into bed about thirty minutes before I left for the gym this morning.  I start my workout at 6am sharp.

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