change of plans

I should be in Oregon right now, gallivanting around under the pretense of “work” at the big manager summit at the mountain lodge resort.  But, I’m not.

‘Round about 3pm yesterday my stomach began knotting, and soon I was leaving my desk to head for the restroom.  And then again; and then again.  By the time I was home, lying prone in bed was the only effective way to stave off the nausea.  It worked, but only for a time.  The remainder of the night was awful.

Around midnight, my head in my hands in a then familiar posture as I sat on the throne, I mentally called off the trip.  After shuffling back to bed, I grabbed the iPhone from the windowsill and poked out an e-mail to my boss saying I was not going.  I called Southwest around 5am and canceled my flight, and later in the day called my Mom and broke the bad news that we’d not be there for the weekend.  She was bummed, but seemed to understand.

I feel a mite better now that the day has progressed.  Sharaun had volleyball tonight so I agreed to get out of bed for an hour and watch some Backyardigans with Keaton.  It’s OK, we’re watching “A Giant Problem,” which is my absolute favorite episode, because of the super-catchy 80s-themed soundtrack (well, right behind “Tale of the Mighty Knights,” which is a full-length prog-rock opera).  No, seriously folks, I’ve written about my appreciation for the music on this show before… I can seriously watch and enjoy them.

OK folks, I’m sleepy again.  Goodnight.

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