Cheers from Oktoberfest

No post-accompanying image today, blogging from the BlackBerry means text-only. Hope you’ll excuse me.

First day at Oktoberfest and we went kinda hard at it. Hoping to nurse my way through today so as to avoid death. I slept relatively well, owed, likely, to our land-and-go-directly-to-beer strategy. It was a good night afternoon and evening though, and I went to bed well-fed and head-swimming. Today, day-two, I made a conscious plan to take it easier, as I don’t want this trip to be one continual hangover.

The weather here is gorgeous, and I’ve donned my shorts for our day-two outing today to Kloster-Andechs, the monk-beer place. We lounged around Andechs for most of the afternoon, after a short hike up to the hilltop sanctuary. It was complete unburdoned heaven. Nowhere to be, and no time to be there. We sat, ate, and laughed over beers.

Probably the most off bit of our meanderings thus far, however, is that we haven’t even been to the tents yet. And, we’re not even sure we’ll head down tomorrow, either – as current thinking has is seeing more “local” beerhouses tomorrow, and doing the tent thing on Wednesday and Thursday. Bottom line is thatwe have no firm plans, and prefer it that way – helps maintain the air of relaxation.

OK then, until my next occasion to blog – cheers from Munich!

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