a pleasant turnaround


There’s been a pleasant turnaround in our small household.  Keaton hasn’t thrown up all day, and I’ve been able to sit on the couch more than the toilet.  Seems that perhaps we’ve reached the calm after the (happily breif) storm, and might have just licked those nasty creatures invading our entrails.  This is good, because it means we’re still in for the camping trip this weekend.  So, that means that tomorrow we’ll steam off into the hills as soon as I give a must-do presentation at work.  I’ll phone it in, from the very same couch I’m sitting on now, more than likely.

And, before said steaming-off into said hills, I’ll need to get stuff together.  The plan is to leave as soon as possible after the single morning meeting I couldn’t get out of, hopefully sometime around 10am.  Campsites at our regular spot are extremely limited, and there’s no reservation system (it’s primitive camping, first-come, first-served), so we always worry that the place’ll be full when we get down there.  With only five spots up for grabs, and just three of those alongside the river, it’s a must that we secure “good ones.”  So, tonight, in just a scant few minutes, in fact, I’ll be pulling the car out of the garage, doing a loop in the street and backing it right back in to load it with all our gear.

And, fast-forward to nearly 11pm.  Packing is done, and Sharaun’s putting the finishing touches on what food we’ll need to bring out in the kitchen.  I’m online typing these last few sentences and trying, futilely, to upload the presentation I have to give tomorrow morning.  Something wrong with the server at work I guess, I keep getting a timeout.  Owell, I’ll try again early before I have to speak.

For now though, I bid you a goodnight.  Love you, see you Monday.

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