I waited every minute I was gone for that kiss

Yes. Back at home. When I got here, Keaton was still asleep. But, when she woke up, she gave me the biggest hug and sloppy kiss. I waited every minute I was gone for that kiss.

If I felt like I did well on my first public outing of the presentation, then I knocked it out of the park today. I mean, I’d say something here about not wanting to brag – but, I really did rock it.

Such is the norm with doing material multiple times; the quality tends to improve with the familiarity, at least until that saturation point when you’re bored of the routine. The second time through the material is always a good one, lots of opportunity to incorporate stuff you got as questions the first time around, and enough initial feedback to hone in on what folks are after (likewise skimming that which isn’t particularly well received). But, at the end of my half-hour turned hour banter, I actually got applause. You don’t get applause at technical conferences, especially when your presentation is pitched as a “class.” Well, maybe you do… but it’s not the norm. Made me feel good.

Another good thing that came out of this trip was a massive amount of networking. I see my customers and their representatives often enough, but it’s great to get to see them all in one condensed period of time. Even moreso in a cramped 26th floor presidential suite bent over tubs of beer and ice. Good things come from creating and maintaining professional networks, I’ll always believe this. And, the networking on this trip is no exception. In the course of a couple days, I was requested to come visit China, Japan, Israel, Taiwan and Germany.

I mean, the way business goes at the sawmill, there are always travel-heavy times and travel-light times, and I’m about to go through six or so months of travel-heavy. Perhaps the crowning jewel in the upcoming travel though: The Germany trip is to Munich at the end of September. And, that means I’ll be a two-year returnee to Oktoberfest. It’s been a while since I’ve lived the road warrior life… pretty much since Keaton’s been around – but despite missing her and Sharaun so much while I’m away, I’m actually looking forward to some travel. (Just don’t tell Sharaun I said that.)

The birds ate every last piece of fruit off my trees. Some ten odd apricots, and two plums. Just ate them down to dangling pits. Last year they ravaged my strawberries and pecked my tomatoes. I hate those birds.

Goodnight to you, internet people. Sorry my writing’s been off, I’ma come scrong next week.

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