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I really don’t have much to write tonight. Spent a good bit of time today working on a more “artsy” blog entry which’ll likely show up sometime next week (as it’s code-complex). Problem is, I blew most of my inspiration working on that, and not I’m not much in the mood to hammer something out for Monday. But, I shall press on… for you, dear friends; for you.

Saturday it was just Keaton and me, just us. I put her in her my favorite dress (not my favorite dress, mind you, but my favorite dress of hers), slid a yellow bow around her head, and we set out on a daddy-daughter trip to the local chili cookoff. I’m not going to lie, I “cruised” up and down the street, past the same chili booths over and over, just so new passers-by could peek into her stroller and stop me to fawn over her. I stood with glee, smile beaming broad across my face, as a man from whom I’d just taken a sample cup of chili told me, repeatedly, “You have a beautiful daughter.” I act shy, pretending to shuffle my feet and direct my eyes to the ground as a woman tells me, “She looks like a Hawaiian princess,” but I’m not shy – I’m eating it up, loving every compliment. And Keaton, she’s hamming it up like she knows she has a captive audience. Smiling, trying to fit her entire fist into her mouth, and making cute baby sounds for her patrons. Having a day alone with her, taking her out and spending time together… I had the best time.

Sunday I did a repeat performance, manning the mommy helm while Robin and Sharaun did a wine tour in Napa Valley. Although she wasn’t as sunshine-and-roses as Saturday, she did manage to enjoy some time at a World Cup party at Ben and Suzy’s place. After that, we headed home and fell asleep together on the couch while the iPod shuffled away. It was a good weekend for daddy-daughter bonding. And, in keeping with my Sunday night schedule, I did manage to post some pictures to Keaton’s gallery – it’s not much, but they’re there. Check them out here.

I’m getting one of those “underground” zits on my nose, those really painful kind that never even turn into a real zit – I hate those. Goodnight.

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