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Today, at 4:47pm, the iPod chose to serve unto me the song “Take A Pebble” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. A classic from the prog vanguards’ debut LP, it instantly took me back to the first time I’d heard it so many years before. Almost as immediately, and with a great sense of urgency, I imagined how great it would sound driving down the road with the windows down and the sun on my arms.

Pause. Flick off left desk-light. Stand up. Windows Key, up-arrow, enter, down-arrow, down-arrow, down-arrow, enter. Flick off right desk-light. Take off headphones. Remove badge (link goes here). Place laptop in bag, nighty-night laptop. “Good to see you again, have a safe flight.” Handshake. Dang, missed by inches, seemed weak. “See ya tomorrow, boss.” Stairs. Stairs. Stairs.

Sunshine. Freedom. “Take a Pebble.”

Mmm… so, right. Welcome to the blog friends.

Tonight we made a quick run up to Wal Mart (a place I loathe being) to get Sharaun a new cellphone on the cheap (well, on the free, to be exact). See, she dropped her other one in the toilet, ruining it. Don’t act all surprised, you know my wife, right? The same wife who recently lost her keys again, and now has to borrow mine to get all new copies made. The same wife who just yesterday asked me if she ever gave me a $400 check to cash or not, not knowing if it was lost as well. And, yes, the same wife who left the garage door open all night the other day, her trunk open as well – her lone loose key, borrowed from me, still in the lock. I hate going to Wal Mart, but I will go there, because things are just so cheap.

I dunno, seeing the seeing the bewifebeatered and pregnant paw their way through the three-feet deep cheap DVD bin at 10pm is just kind of depressing.

Man, it’s like 11pm right now. Sorry I didn’t write much, but I gots to get me a bowl of Honey Bunches and work on getting Sharaun’s contacts transferred over to this new mobile (which, sadly, she’ll lose next week). For now though, check out this video she took with it:

Sorry if that looks messed up on IE, Firefox renders it OK. It’s past midnight and I just wanted to be done with it. I’ll come back and optimize tomorrow, perhaps.


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