pull up those blinds

Ahhh… pull up those blinds and let’s open some windows in here, it’s dark and stuffy. I’m gonna go check on the garden, see what’s growing and what’s not. Yeah, the lawn does look good… must be that fertilizing I gave it before we left – I’ll have to mow it again before the week’s out.

No, I’m not going into the sawmill – I’m gonna work from here instead, the flight getting in late would make it a waste to drive down there for two hours now.

See, doesn’t the breeze blowing through and the sunlight make this place feel better? It’s a gorgeous day outside, I think I’ll take Keaton for a walk later.

I’m gonna go grab the stuff out of the car and unpack a little, then I have to run up and get my new suit fitted. OK, love you too.

Home again. Had fun away.

Hello from back in California guys (and girls). Hope you all had good mom’s days, and that someone did something nice for you (providing you deserved it). As mentioned in my soliloquy above, it truly was a beautiful day we returned to here today – warm and sunny and slightly breezy. And I did end up taking Keaton for a walk around the block, she pushed her doll in her Keaton-sized stroller and picked flowers (which are really tall weeds gone to seed in peoples’ lawns) along the way.

Anyway, this house is familiar, and I like being here.

And yes, the picture that goes along with this post is Keaton watching the “Volcano Sisters” episode of The Backyardigans (her absolute favorite episode of her absolute favorite show, thanks Mike and Tricia) on Daddy’s iPod whilst flying home from Oregon. She looks so grown up with her little headphones on.

Thanks for hanging in there for another week friends. Stick around, maybe you’ll like it around here – I’m even gonna do another poll next week. Wheee!


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