tiny gunshots

It rained all night last night.

It’s OK, we’ve had some beautiful Spring weather and rain is a gift. In the RV, though, rain is a very noisy gift. Drops like a thousand tiny gunshots pop and snap off the roof. I’ve come to like the sound, but it is sometimes loud enough to distract someone trying to fall asleep.

Keaton has her first musical infatuation. She’s fallen for an edgy young female artist called Billie Eilish. If you’re hip, you’ll likely not be surprised, as seventeen year old Ms. Eilish is everywhere and on every music journalist’s tongue at the moment, and thirteen year old girls are her primary demo. Keaton quite literally listens to her non-stop, owns her merch, reads and watches everything she says and does.

I’ve got to give Keaton credit for being well ahead of the hype bandwagon (must get it from Dad), though. She’s been on Billie this entire trip. It’s been fun seeing this artist my daughter adores also become a scene darling, fun watching Keaton be excited for her growing fame. It’s also given the two of us a lot to talk about.

We discuss the production of each song, the lyrics and instrumentation. She shares video clips with me, interviews and promos, and we talk about her strong sense of identity and her seeming pride in her uniqueness. I praise these positive and empowering traits. She also swears like a sailor, though not in her music, and vocally condemns peer pressure and casual drug use. All excellent fodder for mature father/daughter conversations, honestly.

So, long story short, I scored us two after-market tickets to Billie’s sold-out show in Montreal next month. Because she’s such a rising star (on the cover of Billboard, #1 on iTunes, etc.) I paid a hefty upcharge, more than I’d ever normally pay for a show that’s not Paul McCartney or something, but I’m really excited to go with her. She’s excited too, and I think it will be an awesome time together.

Notch another one for “cool dad,” please. While you’re at it, scratch one in for “cool daughter” too.

Hugs and loves.

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