before the pesos run out

Hey again amigos. Last full day in Mexico here. I can barely type for my fingers slipping around the keyboard on a sheen of my own tears. Next week it’s back to mowing lawns, conference calls, and e-mails. But, the next couple days… those are still ours.

Yesterday, as I waffled drowsily between some waking and drifting off beside the pool, I was thinking: I could probably conduct the sale of our house back in California without ever even leaving this resort. I could use the fax machine, telephone, and internet to liquidate our worldly possessions, taking care to have our most cherished items, as few as they are, shipped or stored (I mean, I’d need my hard drive of music… after all). With the money from the sale safely in the bank, I could set about finding some beachside accommodations here. Our little family could probably make it without a breadwinner for at least a few years before the pesos run out. Maybe we could even squat in one of the many aborted developments that line the beach just a few miles walk from here… that could save us some rent. Yeah, I think we…

I’m sorry, what?

Oh. Si, si. Uno mas, por favor.


Now, where was I… ? Eh, whatever. I think I’ll join Sharaun and Keaton in the pool; maybe splash Keaton with one of my famous camelballs or something. It was a good thought though…

And, closing out the week, a couple more teasers before I have to do a “right-proper” upload upon returning home. Wish a safe flight, OK (and that our airline doesn’t go out of business tomorrow or anything)?

See you next week (where I’ll also resume my post-accompanying images… the blog feels naked without them).

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