someone called me a writer

Happy Monday morning friends.

As you read this, I’m winging my way to South Carlolina via DC. A couple days there doing some sort of work-type stuff and I’m back home. Two days at work and then I hit the skies again, this time with family in-tow, for a weeklong vacation in Mexico. That said, that’ll likely be a pretty sparse week for blogging, so let’s enjoy this while we can.

Anyway, today (Sunday, as I write) was a good day. The girls all got together to do some winetasting, so I invited the abandoned guys over for a BBQ and some beer. I cooked up a ton of ribs, and we all ate to excess. Even the weather cooperated, for the most part.  And now, fresh from the shower where I tried, with some small success, to wash the stink of oak smoke off of my skin and out of my hair – I’m ready to start a blog.

Sometime Friday Keaton started showing signs of having a cold again: runny nose and coughing. By Saturday evening she was running a low fever and she was congested and having issues breathing. In fact, by later Saturday night her breathing had morphed into full-on wheezing, and was pretty shallow and fast. Sharaun called the doctor, and she said that, since we’ve been through something similar before, Keaton likely has an asthma-like reaction to some illnesses (I guess chestcolds or something). The last time she was breathing like this they actually gave her a breathing treatment at the pediatrician’s office. Anyway, she asked that we bring her in the next morning for another treatment, and so that they could give us a machine (called a nebulizer) of our own to continue the treatments at home.

For those not familiar, a nebulizer is basically a machine that vaporizes medicine in liquid form so that the user can inhale it directly. It’s used often to deliver the steroids that asthma sufferers use to get relief. In my youth, a good friend of Sharaun’s used nebulizer often for her asthma – and my buddies and I used to goof on her (in front of her, so it’s OK… right?) for it. I think it was the name that was hilarious to us, so futuristic sounding or something. We’d give her the Vulcan salute, and crack jokes about being on the bridge of starship or battling Klingons. Yeah, and now karma has turned it all around on me yet again. Anyway, the treatments really seem to help Keaton, and the doctor said it’s only temporary just to ensure we knock this cold out for good. Read ahead and you can even see a picture of babygirl “nebulizing.”

Changing subject… I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 over the weekend and everything seems to have come through OK for me (I’ve read of some folks having issues). So far, I like the new and improved backend overall, and I’ve reserved a special place in my will for the new image upload/link/align tool – which makes adding images to my posts so much easier. And, with the gallery capability being so integrated now, I don’t need to use the NexGen plugin anymore. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and try to do some 2.5 gallery beta-testing this week, by reviving an old sounds familiar weeklong gimmick from the past. I’m sure you are just dying to know which gimmick…. so…

Back in November of ought-four, I did a cool weeklong “thing” for the blog where I took pictures of what I did each day and posted them along with the entry. Ever since doing it I’ve told myself I needed to redo it, but I never have. So, in the spirit of doing all kindsa new kindsa stuff up in this camp, I’m gonna try it again this week. At our sawmill, we call this week “workweek fourteen,” which we abbreviate, all nerd-tastic, as WW14. So, this week will evermore be dubbed: In Pictures – WW14’08, or IPWW14’08 for… ummm… short. Anyway, one of the rules is imposed this time is that I’ll take only crappy images with my cellphone camera, partly since I’ll be traveling and won’t leave Sharaun without our “good” one, and partly also because I just always have it with me. No time like the present… so let start with Sunday in pictures:

Actually, as something of a postscript here, you may have noticed that those images are still in the old-gallery style (with the fancy popup browser). That’s because, try as I might, I couldn’t get WordPress’s built-in gallery to work how I wanted it to. I’ll keep working on it to try get it right, but for now, and so I can still do this week “In Pictures,” I’m sticking with what works. OK, that’s enough talk about WordPress. And, I think I’ve built up the daily-dose of pictures such that it’ll be hotly awaited each day (right?). And, wrapping up…

Before I go – I read this article with interest the other day, as it reminded me of something I’d written before here on the ol’ blog. I called it “Run 83,” but essentially it’s the same concept: Modern science pushes the limits of experimentation just a little too far and accidentally destroys everything. (A little self-promotion there, I suppose.)

In closing, the other day, someone called me a “writer.”

This someone is the kind of someone who knows me, knows I write here on this internet-website-online, and (I think) reads sounds familiar somewhat often. But, still. To hear someone call me a “writer,” a word used to describe an artist (good one, or not), was humbling.

That’s all. Goodnight.

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