It's a formal theory.
Last night, as I was driving around completing various tasks for a planned April Fools Day joke – I hit that magic triple-point of music listening. For a song, or music in general, to reach 100% of its impact potential – there are three external factors that need to be considered. Environment, mood, and activity. These three plus the music itself are the cornerstone for my theory.

When these three planets align and the right soundtrack is in the background, all is right in the world. The air seems cleaner and for a moment and you’re right where you’re supposed to be, without another thought in the world. I’ll sometimes get those brief moments of complete clarity and complacency, and they make such an impression that I can often remember them for all four defining factors.

Driving to Anthony’s as the sun goes down, crossing over the American River on the old Rainbow Bridge. Windows down and Iron & Wine cranked to 24 on the stereo. Confident and happy from a particularly productive day at work. Sam Beam’s hushed minimal folk recalling days when this really was a gold rush town.

1st Halloween in my new house, carving and painting styrofoam tombstones in my garage in the cool twilight. Enjoying myself beyond measure while the Strokes’ “Room on Fire” plays on the jambox in the background and Sharaun cooks dinner inside.

Sitting on a curb in 7th grade. Watching Kyle talk to Robin across the street, he’s asking her if she likes me. It’s the dead of summer in Florida, hot and humid – but I couldn’t be more comfortable sitting sweaty on this concrete. Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” is on the walkman, Over the Hills and Far Away to be exact. She likes me, and my brain takes this Polaroid.

June in Yosemite. Driving the windy roads from the valley over to the Mariposa grove. Sharaun’s sister and Melissa are here to visit. Windows are down and clean Sierra air fills the cab while Death Cab for Cutie’s “The Photo Album.” The sun is out and I’m the only car on this wooded road. We all sing along.

OK, that’s really all I’ve got today. In a web-roundup, Wes sent me this link from today’s headlines. Pretty graphic pictures, but makes me wonder where some people get so disassociated with the reality of death. I mean, poking burnt corpses with shovels and hanging them from bridges? Where does that come from? It must be such a different daily reality over there. Oh, and BTK is back.

Dave out.

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