you’ve been sacked

Hey hey Tuesday night. Glad you could join me again today for another installment her at sounds familiar. I seem to be on a roll as far as the posting-regularity goes this month, so here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx it by saying as much. Should be a chuckle of a blog today, if I did my job right. So let’s get right down to it then, shall we?

OK, before I do this next bit, I’m going to ask, dear readers, that you either cast your memory back a couple days, or go quickly read this post from Thursday last week.

Done reading and/or refreshing your memory? OK, good.

Now, if you weren’t lying when you responded in the affirmative to that last sentence, you’ll remember that, when I was sharing the “hotlink prevention” story with Ben, he suggested that I take screen-captures of all my “victims.” Well, bored the other night, I started paging through my referrer logs and doing just that. Turns out, it was a great time looking at all the surprised people out there who’d previously been “borrowing” bandwidth from my site when their intended image got “sacked” with my new script. I had such a good time, in fact, that I wanted to share with you some the various places my new “hotlink stopper” image is showing up in cyberspace.

For your convenience, I’ve pixelized the NSFW image in the screencaps below, but you can always take a peek at the real-deal right here if you’ve forgotten the hilarity/horror of it all.

Let’s start off with a relatively low-impact MySpace profile picture. Looks like “mumu” might want to update his-or-her profile…

A lot of people seem to link my pictures in forums, here are some examples. (That last guy was attempting to link to a picture of a middle-finger-salute from my site. Funny enough, I think the same sentiment is conveyed even with the image-swap):




A tad more embarrassing, some people even used hotlinked images from my server for their forum avatars. Sorry Soda Popinski:

Looks like that hotlink-replacement image transcends the barriers of language as well! Here are some Spanish and what I think might be Finnish forums where I got the drop on unsuspecting hotlinkers. (I especially like the English reply in the Finnish thread, “Mmmmm.. sexy….” Anyone read Spanish?):


Switching gears, a lot of MP3-blogs hotlink to my Question Mark & The Mysterians album covers to accompany their posts about the band’s classic 1960s output. Funny, I didn’t realize genitals were featured this prominently on a rock album cover before Lennon did it:


Sadly, most of the threads that get “sacked” with the image-swap are long-dead, and thus aren’t impacted much by the hotlink-hijinks. I saved the funniest bunch of screencaps for last, however. These are the ones where the “sacked” thread is still “alive” enough that people notice the image-swap. I love the response in the below thread:

My absolute favorite of them all, though, has got to be this very-much-alive thread over at the “306 GTi-6 & RALLYE Owners Club” forums, where the poster is off-topic and asking anyone if they’ve ever had their back waxed (the original hotlink was referencing the picture of an extremely hairy back which accompanies this post). As a bonus for this one, you can click that link above you here to read the actual thread, complete with hilarious responses and one stymied poster who eventually asks this:

Oh man… good times. Thanks for the suggestion Ben. Funny thing is, I steal 99% of my blog-accompanying images myself, I just have the decency to actually host the pilfered images on my own server with my own bandwidth. C’mon you other unscrupulous web-types, get some scruples…

And, before I go I should acknowledge that I bet some of you came here today looking for my week-one Enzyte Challenge update. Well, it’s coming, it was just a bit of rough night and I had this entry pretty much canned and good to go – so I left the thing on auto. You’ll get your update soon enough, don’t fret.

Oh hey Pat’s got some pictures up from their New Year’s Eve party, check ’em out.

And, with that, I’m gonna cut this thing loose. Have a good night folks, and, to those of you with difficult days ahead – we’re here for you. Love you all and goodnight.

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