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Please keep the noise down, so as to not upset our neighbors.
Word came down from Boss Man yesterday that I’ll be heading to Taiwan for a week in early February. I’m actually kinda excited, even though it’s going to be a breakneck pace the whole trip. I’ll be presenting all five days, so I’m sure I’ll be beat. But I kinda like going over there, it’s not too bad. Boss Man also said to prepare for “several” trips to China and Taiwan this year, since I’ll be working with those teams a lot closer. Should be interesting.

Well turns out that all that was wrong with the Ford was the alarm that the dealer installed when I bought it. I mean, I’ve thought that alarm was not quite right since the first day I got the truck back after it was installed. Seemed kinda haywire. I think they either put in a faulty alarm or wired it incorrectly – but whatever they did finally came to a head, ruining a fairly new battery and wreaking havoc on the entire electrical system. However, after disabling it, all the problems cleared up.

They also said I need new brakes and rotors, but after waffling and some advice from friends I decided to do that work on my own (or, with the help of friends I should say). Anyway, I’m gonna go over to the Ford dealer and see if they’ll do anything about the faulty alarm. My guess is I’m outta luck after three years, but it never hurts to try. It has been bad since day one, but I can’t prove that. I shoulda taken it in as soon as I suspected? owell. At least I can save some money by doing the brakes, and possibly get some compensation from Ford for the labor root causing the alarm problem.


Man, I love going to concerts in San Francisco. I love the venues there, and the trip is totally worth it to see some of these bands. Take last night for instance, the Decemberists sounded amazing. They put on a great show, rocking the sold out house until one in the morning. I mean, this show was so fun. An upright bass, an accordion, a steel guitar, a 12-string, a xylophone, and one of those blowy Casio things that I think are called EWIs. Even the opening band came out of nowhere and completely rocked. I’d never heard of them before, but they were sure fine. Another awesome show in a muggy close-quartered club, breathing other peoples’ spent breath and bobbing along to some fine tunes with friends. The alarm clock says 3:36am as I ignore the hum in my ears and collapse into bed.


Ugh! Three hours of sleep is almost worse than none! Why is the alarm going off already?! How come none of the good bands come to Sacramento? I shouldn’t have had that extra glazed sour cream at 2am, I think that was a mistake. I’m getting too old for this. But man, they sounded so great! What am I complaining about, I can sleep anytime.

Heading down to Santa Barbara this weekend to see the folks and put together their Christmas gift of a new computer. Toying with the idea of taking Monday off and making more of a trip out of the whole thing. We’ll see. Until Monday then.

Dave out.

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