throwing away good clothes

Hey poor person, take my old clothes.  I deem them unfit for a person of my caliber, but they should be just about perfect for someone like you.
Came back from Santa Barbara a day early, due to some strange sense of responsibility. What I mean is that I just had this creeping feeling that I had so much to get done at work, I couldn’t justify spending the extra day. So we’re back, 6hrs later and some Andersen’s pea soup and grilled cheese fuller. It was a good trip, I got to meet up with my best bud from 5th grade – who I hadn’t seen in about 15 years. It’s strange, but we got off like we just had a long weekend. Funny how little we’ve both really changed, and also funny how we ended up doing and enjoying the same type of things. Just goes to show how much you’re already who you’re gonna be even as far back as the 5th grade. Anyway, it was a good trip even if we did cut it short.

Why does Sharaun always want to throw away my clothes? I mean, I know some of my shirts are old and a tad ratty, but they are perfect boat or hiking or camping shirts. If I get rid of all my old shirts, I’ll have to wear my nice new shirts to do grungy stuff. Do girls not understand that? Guys, or at least me, need a small stable of functional, although perhaps not presentable, vestments. I know it’s threadbare and has hardened and yellowed armpits, but it’s great for mowing. OK, OK, so the threadbare and caked-deodorant armpit ones can be let go, but it makes no sense to throw away good clothes! Read on?

If you can’t tell, we kinda went around on this last night… Sharaun was trying to go through the closet and get rid of anything we don’t wear anymore. It’s a great idea, and I support the concept wholeheartedly. Oh, and before I get into the story let’s preface it with some facts. My “portion” of the closet is two sections, one above the other. Each section is about 3-4ft in length, and I have shirts hung on top and pants on the bottom – neither the top nor bottom is completely filled. And for me, that’s it. Sharaun, on the other hand, has a 6ft side that is packed with clothes. She also has clothes in the other closet too. There, now I’m done with the setup.

So it’s around midnight and she decides she’s gonna sort clothes for removal. Of course, she starts with my stuff – pulling out clothes hanger by hanger and telling me what I do and don’t wear. Strange, since I do wear that shirt with the missing button, quite often in the summer in fact. I quickly realize that if we continue this way, I’ll have nothing left. I instead suggest that I go through my own racks and pull out what I’m willing to part with. Problem is, I’ve done this not too long ago and there’s really not that much left to toss. I mean, comparatively, I only have a third of what she has anyway. Why do we have to throw away all my clothes?

Mostly it went like this: “What about this?, you never wear this.” “Yeah I do, I wear that all the time when we go camping or wakeboarding.” “Yeah but this is disgusting, the neck is all discolored, it’s seven years old, missing buttons, and nasty.” “OK but if I throw it away then what do I wear when I work in the yard and stuff?” “I’ll buy you something new.” Ladies, I’ll tell you right now that this logic does not compute to a male. Buy something new to work in the yard, camp, hike, or wakeboard in? Why?

Beyond that, she just wanted to throw stuff away for no other reason than that it was old. I mean stuff I still wear! Yeah I know I’m wearing this shirt in my class picture from junior year of high school, but it still fits and I like it! Have we become so rich that we are this disposable-minded? I need this shirt to go camping in! It’s been to the top of Half Dome twice. It breathes well, and it’s loose. Plus, I wear it wakeboarding. So what if I don’t wear it to work or to dinner, it’s perfect for recreation. How come you get to keep clothes you bought old at a thrift store, but I have to throw away my clothes because they’ve aged? I buy new stuff and have to throw it away when it gets old, you buy stuff that’s already old and get to keep it? I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. Owell, when it comes down to it I’ll throw away whatever she wants if it makes her happy. Whatever.

OK, I’m outta here. I think I’m gonna clear out some older writing tomorrow, I have a piece on Southern cooking from over the holidays I need to pos – as well as some other odds ‘n’ ends. Betcha can’t wait.

Dave out.

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  1. Hahaha! Give it up man. Youre not gunna win. I gave up long ago and Kathrin decided to let me keep a few of the more sentimental t-shirts that I had. Oh well At least now I know that whatever I wear is pre-approved. 🙁 Chicks just dont get it.
    Oh, and thanks for the tunes! Good stuff.

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