life been good

I had a small epiphany today. I was walking across the tarmac at the jet center, the black asphalt was shiny with rain, reflecting the milky-white light of the clouds above. I was wearing khakis and a tucked-in corporate logo’d polo, and I was carrying my laptop in a black bag. I had just come from a sushi lunch with some customers (they picked up the bill), and was about to board the corporate jet for a quick flight home, where I’d greet my wife and daughter with kisses The epiphany? This: I’m doing pretty well; things are going pretty good. I never really imagined myself being where I am and doing what I’m doing, but I find I like it. Long tarmac walks to the corporate jet are good for reinforcing “arrival.” Blah blah I’m awesome toot-toot.

From yesterday, never posted:

I’m tired, Sharaun pulled me out the door right when I got home from a workday that started early to begin with, no time to decompress. But it was good, visited our friends and their new baby boy, brought them some food. Swung by Target to return a crappy coffee maker we bought, then came home and put Keaton to bed. For dinner, I microwaved two potatoes. I covered them with butter and sour cream and all sorts of yummy stuff and then smashed them up and ate them. I’m going to a customer tomorrow, so I need to shave tonight, tidy up the beard. I want to do it tonight to give my pussy-ass skin some time to get over it’s extreme razor sensitivity. I fly out at 6:45am, meaning I have to leave at the buttcrack. Back again around 4pm, a man on the go.

Today I freaked out a little because it looks like my ISP is on to me. Not only did they block the port I’ve been forever using for BitTorrent traffic, but they also seemingly shut down my transfers – a feat that’s seemingly based on traffic analysis. So, I had to resort to encrypting all outgoing BitTorrent traffic to bypass the suspected filtering, and switch to rotating, random ports. It kinda freaks me out, but I’m hoping my shutdown wasn’t a singled-out user thing and more like a broad BitTorrent policy change at my ISP. Not a big deal though, as with encryption and random ports I’m back in business with little to no impact in speed.

Off to read, just figured I’d push this anyway… despite it being sub-par. Goodnight.

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  1. To the internet: For the record, the “corporate jet” Dave speaks of is not the Jay-Z flying to his private island kind of corporate jet, but more like the jet you take from one part of Texas to another, more obscure part of Texas with 30 other schlubs. It just happens that the schlubs on this jet all work for the same company.

    P.S. I also get the same feeling when I am a schlub on this corporate jet.

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