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I debated on even writing tonight. I had a tense day… and the prospect of having to meet another “commitment,” writing the blog, seemed like something I’d be better off skipping. Then, I figured maybe I’d write about feeling stretched, and before I knew it I had enough for a decent entry. Here we go.

Ever had a day where you feel like perpetually racing the clock, trying to come in under some non-existent deadline? That was my day yesterday. I sat at my desk, transfixed on my work, nearly sweating with determination. Laboring under some imagined race condition, I finally stopped to take a breath around 3pm and realized I’d been clenching my teeth the entire time. I did get a lot done though, even if it was at the expense of my frazzled mind. It just felt like I had to dedicate so much of my mind to my task, every little interruption threatened to bump the table where I was absorbed building my mental house-of-cards. The whole day just felt frantic… although I wasn’t really up against the wall on anything in particular. I’m glad it’s over, and I’m hoping for a less stressful day today.

After making the final changes to my stattraq referrer-spam blocking, I wanted to e-mail my hack to the author in case he might be able to use it in future releases. Turns out, he’d posted that same day about working on the next release, and had even called for any hacks that people had done. Since he mentioned referrer spam directly, I went ahead and posted a description of my mods as a comment to his announcement, with a link back here. To be honest, I didn’t think my hack through completely; I very well may have missed instances where a “good” referrer may not get logged based on my rules – but my quick spot-testing seemed to show it was doing OK. While I’m not sure using WP’s own discussion moderation keys is the best implementation, it’s working fine for me as a stopgap for the time being.

It’s all I’ve got folks, really. See ya.

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