other than that, i’m out

So disinterested tonight, I just want to sleep. I fear I’m coming down with something, as I’m not typically this tired all the time. This weekend, I just wanted to sleep. And now, I swear I could go to bed and yet it’s only 7pm. Sharaun seems to be stricken with the same affliction, maybe we’ve both caught mono or something. Maybe I’m so tired because I’ve been reading all these gushing reviews of the new Joanna Newsom album that I just can’t get into. I mean, this thing’s done been leaked ever since I wrote this, and it still hasn’t gotten any better.

So, I don’t have much tonight… spent a good amount of time uploading pictures and movies to Keaton’s gallery. If you’d like, you can view said media by clicking this link.

Other than that, I’m out. Goodnight.

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