roll it over

Let the pre-vacation preparation blitz begin. Today it’s returning some merch to Home Depot, cashing some checks, paying some bills, and getting a haircut. Tomorrow is mowing the front and back lawn, pulling some new-growth weeds, and fertilizing. Still have to sign up some sucker to come empty the cat’s litter box and give her food and water, as well as pack.

I don’t have much tonight, but I did finish the video I was working on. Showcasing our lovely daughter’s new talent, rolling over! Surf on over to the gallery and watch it right here.

Speaking of Keaton, she had her first fever tonight. A mild 100.3° F, which the internet told me can be in the “normal” range for babies. Once again, I fall back on my “nothing is certain” rule when it comes to babies – everything can be “normal” with them. Either way, we kept track for an hour or so and it went back down under 100° pretty quickly. Hopefully it’s not a virus or anything, as I wouldn’t want to experience that “first” as we’re traveling to Florida for vacation… Get well soon Keaton!


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