my body has betrayed me

Now watch this drive.

Twenty-seven years old and my body has betrayed me. Honestly guys, taking in a prescription is usually not a big thing to me – I mean, who cares. But taking in a prescription for a “kit” that you should keep on you at all times in case you start dying… that’s a little different. So, great, I’m allergic to cold water – is this even real? Apparently it is but no doctor on earth has any idea how to treat it, other than recommend I “stay out of cold water.” Well duh, but I was looking for something a little more definitive. So, I pressed for a referral to an allergist and got this prescription for something called an ANA-kit. Yeah, it’s an epinephrine shot – which I’m supposed to take if I get to that not-breathing passing-out state again, because otherwise I might actually die.

Really? Twenty-seven years in and my hold on life is now this tenuous? I mean, I realize I’m being dramatic about it – but it really did almost make me want to cry to think about having to carry around a freakin’ shot everywhere I go. My only hope: the allergist will be able to better diagnose whatever this is – and the whole life-support kit will be deemed unnecessary. So, I’m not really worried about dying or anything (at least, no more than I’ve every been) – but this whole mess really does suck balls. Where did it come from? Will it ever go away? And why in the world do I have to be allergic to something that I like? I like cold water, I like swimming. Why not make me allergic to tanning booths or health food stores? How about brussel sprouts or weight-lifting? Maybe clothes-shopping or movies with singing? Stupid allergies.

Anyway, this thing has really de-motivated me (de-motivated?). I think a combination of burnout from work, coming-up-soon vacations, and the whole Saturday episode have made me just want to take some time off. So I used Monday as a “sick day” at work, staying home to go to the doctor and lab, and using the rest of the day to work on the backyard. I just ignored work as much as I could, even when people tried to call me on my cellphone. Work in the backyard is so much more immediately rewarding, seeing stuff happen after a day out there in the sun… I think I needed a day at home to myself. So, I took one.

I mentioned it before, but I was supposed to be in San Francisco yesterday and today, for a big conference where I’m presenting. But, since I’m not actually presenting until Wednesday – I postponed my planned Sunday departure in favor of leaving today. Honestly, I don’t feel like going at all. What I feel like is it being July 13th already and me being off for a week while Sharaun’s folks visit. Anyway, I plan on leaving sometime tomorrow (see guys, I write these the night before – so the today/tomorrow/yesterday thing can sometimes be tricky). Either way, the next entry will come from San Fran – so expect a meat-free, liberal-minded, environmentalist rant. Not really, those are just stereotypes.

With the near-death experience over the weekend, I didn’t get a chance to write about seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 this Friday. Ben and I Fandango’d the tickets earlier in the week, which was good because all showings were sold out. So, what’d I think? As a self-identified liberal-with-a-side-of-conservative, I found the movie really interesting. I’m not so far right that I’d refuse to see Moore’s movie at all for fear of funding the wacky leftist media, but I’m also not so far left that I’d waltz into the theatre ready and willing to accept all that he said as gospel. After it was all over, I liked it. There were some interesting things that I hadn’t known before, and there were some things for which I was thinking “come on Mike… gimme a break.” Overall though, the movie was good. If you’re of voting age, go check it out.

I have nothing more, I’m outta here.

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