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Good evening from Wednesday night, which was a slightly more productive than the bust that was my Tuesday night. I did manage to get my hair cut, which was one of the things that’s been nagging me – but I missed mowing the lawn again… tomorrow, I guess. Work today was an 8hr exercise in futility: lots of math, thinking, crystal-ball-peering, planning and plotting… all with not nearly enough satisfaction at the end of it all. I keep hoping the direction will return to what I’m doing, and know I’m partially responsible for feeling without it. I can do my part to operate under whatever pieces of direction I can assemble, but I know I won’t feel 100% “purposed” again until I get some better clarity from above. I suppose this is all a learning experience, a primer in big-business red-tape… but I still have little tolerance for aimlessness. Enough with this.

The premise of this article fascinates me: that there are still areas on this planet which may remain relatively untouched by human development. It gets me thinking about how many other sealed-off isolated little ecosystems are out there. Little tiny worlds that exist only unto themselves, knowing nothing about anything else outside their walls. What if our whole galaxy is just some little sealed-up pocket of space in someone else’s world, waiting for some sanitation workers there to break through into our sheltered existence while drilling for a new sewer system? Yeah, I like thinking about things like that.

Well, it was only Tuesday I wrote about the eventual leak of Thom Yorke’s solo album as The Eraser (which happens to have one of the best album covers I’ve seen in a long while), and wouldn’t you know it I “happened” upon it while webbing around tonight. Needless to say I was ecstatic, and could hardly wait for the electric pulses coming down the coax to be converted into music. It took some ingenuity to find the dang thing, since it hadn’t really hit the “mainstream” filesharing sites yet (and I’m not exactly sure I’m still young enough to know where the “mainstream” filesharing sites are anymore anyway). Turns out it “officially” leaked sometime on Tuesday, maybe even Monday night – so I am indeed a few days off “fresh” when it comes to illegal album leaks. I’m still listening now, but I’m pretty much bound by my abounding enthusiasm to like this album – either that or eat my words. It’s crazy that an album can make me this happy.

Oh, and I dunno if you guys noticed – but I got like 4,000 spam comments overnight, check out the proof:

That’s a lot of spam in a short amount of time… it was just a couple days ago I was talking about hitting 30,000, and here I am about to break 40,000… I am so popular; with spammers; yay.


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