baby math

Piece by infinitely small piece.
I’ll give you an idea of how my “the baby’s coming soon” math has been going lately: When we get back to California, it’ll almost be January – and you know how quickly a month goes by. The baby will be full term before January’s even over, and then, it’ll be February. If the doctors are right, Lil’ Chino will arrive the third week of that second month – but she can “safely” arrive anytime after January 22nd. January 22nd is one month from tomorrow, and you know how quickly a month goes by. Right now, one month (even though it’s actually two) seems like next week to me. I keep thinking we’re late making the “hospital bag” we’re supposed to take when everything goes down, late furnishing and painting the nursery, late. To think, all this writing about our coming daughter and I’ve not once yet mentioned the name we’ve chosen – that’s a conscious thing I suppose… maybe too personal while she’s still “baking” or something.

Being a complete ass of a music snob myself, I got a big kick out of reading the fazed reader comments on Pitchfork’s Top 50 of 2005 list. I love the outrage over the obscurity and snobbery, the incredulous “Where was Staind?”and “Who the FUCK is Sufjan Stevens?!” type comments. Apparently, this is “gay ass yuppie” indie music that “has no balls.” Maybe they’re right. Kyle and I were talking the other day about the amount of pretentiousness involved in the indie scene, an issue which he’s more passionate about than I am. I’ve always not-so-secretly liked the elitism of listening to music that’s good but unknown, liked the crosseyed looks I got when mentioning who I saw in concert last night. In the last year though, it seems to me that the public, or the indie, or both, have been more accepting of each other. With Death Cab and the Decemberists signing to the majors, and more mainstream/indie crossover onto radio and indie-snob “best of” lists, it seems like something’s moving in the right direction. I maintain that I don’t like this music simply because it’s obscure, but it’s a hard line to maintain when nothing that isn’t obscure doesn’t make my list. I guess, as much as I criticize the Top 40 crowd for “missing” all the other good music out there, so could I be criticized for burying my head in the sand and missing potentially good payola-motivated mainstream stuff. But, we all know that’s BS; mainstream blows.

I still need to pick up a couple more things for Sharaun for Christmas, but other than that I plan to stay away from shopping altogether. Sharaun, on the other hand, has been shopping, I think, every day since we’ve been here. This is unfortunate for my reputation with her, since every time I decline to accompany her while she shops, she gets upset. Now, for me, I’d much rather sit and home and do absolutely nothing than go shopping. It still confounds me that she continues to ask me along anyway, I nearly always decline, and, on the rare occasion when I don’t – I only make her miserable with my impatience and disinterest. You’d think that, with the combination of the joint-shopping experience being miserable and my obvious distaste for it, she’d stop asking. But no, she still asks, and I still get called “lazy” because I’d rather stay home. I seriously hate just “shopping” as a leisure activity, with the exceptions of music, book, or electronics stores. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand, seems simple to me. Anyway, I’ll run out once more and then be done with the pre-holiday rush… then I can revel in my laziness.

I guess this is good enough for an entry, if I write more I’ll bin it for tomorrow. Now to spellcheck and publish, goodnight.

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  1. I don’t quite get your math. Jan 22 would be like 4 1/2 weeks early. Full term is 37 wks..anything before that is considered preterm. A baby born at 36 wks can still have under developed lungs and need to spend time at the NICU…or be completley fine. The longer you keep them in the better. Most 1st timers tend to go to 38-41 wks anyway so I’ll doubt lil’ chino will come a month early.

  2. The Arcade Fire, your #1 of 2004, got just got a Grammy(r) nomination. I’ll be watching to see how soon you drop them like a bad habit.

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