For Cohen, like Keaton before him, walking came (or more accurately, is still coming) late.

His first purposeful unaided steps happened at my parents’ place the day before Thanksgiving.  Maybe three or four little tentative ones, which I luckily captured on video below, not something really aimed at mobility… more testing the nets.  Even now, spending Christmas in Florida at the other parents’ house (no, not a divorce thing, happy to say Sharaun and I are the product of two long-married couples), he’s just finally getting to the point where he’s doing more walking than crawling.

His steps are still fairly straight-legged and deliberate, he ends up on his rear a lot, and he’s mostly walking between two things he can grab onto and cruise around – but with each passing day I see him take more steps and appear more coordinated.  It’s actually pretty fascinating to watch and I’m thankful that it’s happening when I’m not at work all day and would miss the subtlety.  I still clap and cheer for him in my high-pitched “good job little kid” voice, I hope he doesn’t find it patronizing… his enthusiasm would seem to indicate he does not, unless he’s far more sophisticated at cloaking his emotions for my sake than I give him credit towards.

I took him down to the park today, where Keaton and I went yesterday, and watched in awe as he behaved almost the polar opposite of Keaton at the same age.  I set him down and he climbed the green-rubber coated stairs of the play structure, crawled right over to the slide where he situated himself and pushed off.  The first time I guided him with a helping hand, but after he’d walked around to the stairs again and get himself poised for a second go, I let him do it solo.  He loved it, slid on his belly right to the end, scooted himself off and onto his feet and toddled over to do it again.

Anyway, below are his first little steps that day in Oregon.  I love that little boy.

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