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From the lofty loft.
Sitting here squirming around because I have to pee, but I’m not getting up. It’s lunchtime now, but I decided to eat a rather hearty breakfast this morning and don’t feel like eating. So I’ll write instead. It’s one of those days where I feel like I can’t get to anything on my “list” because new things keep coming out of the woodwork. I’m trying hard to get to Smaug’s mountain, but I keep having to deal with spiders and trolls and goblins that pop up unannounced. It’s one of those situations where I end up just staring at the monitor, not sure which e-mail to answer, which phone call to make, what should come first. When I get stuck like that, I do one of two things: Get really serious and start hacking wherever it’s easiest, or bail for a while to clear my head. I think this “lunch break” is my head-clearing bailout.

Went outside to take out the trash tonight and discovered it was plenty cool to open up and let the breeze in. One thing I like about Northern CA’s treacherous 100+ days is the fact that it (usually) cools off enough at night to open the windows and get some fresh air. Right now the cat’s perched on the sill watching what cat’s watch through open windows. Being closer to the outside, perhaps… that fabled place beyond her daily walls. Kind of like me at work, choosing to have meetings in the “breezeway,” where you can see the sun and watch the leaves move in the wind. Not the sanitized wind of air conditioning blowing through the aisles of cubicles, but real, honest-to-goodness fresh air – the kind our ancestor’s ancestors once breathed when they worked the land. You can make good money being a mechanic, right?

Gaw… sometimes I look back over crap I wrote and wanna just delete it all. What’s that BS above about cats and walls and stuff? Was I high? Did I really think I could pull that crap off? One thing’s for sure, I have absolutely nothing to write about. I’d actually rather just call it a night and be happy with what little I’ve managed to get down.

But before I go – you can check out some snaps of the past weekend’s activities over at Ben’s place, so do it.


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