my illustrious career history

Oh man, those were the days... check out that hair!
Basketball, in high-def, a non-party party at Anthony’s. Got new tires on the truck today, six-hundred dollars of rubbery goodness. Shaine’s post about yesterday’s entry being my 200th got me thinking, it’s halfway through June now and the there’s only a couple more months before I mark a solid year of doing this site.

Sounds like I’ll have a rather long overseas trip this August, spending about three weeks in Taiwan and China both. More customer visits, speaking at some seminars, and then heading to Shanghai to train our “offshore” team members. I need to train ’em good, but not too good since I wanna maintain some job security. I’m excited about going again, mainly because I love the experience – but I’m bummed that Sharaun’s birthday falls right smack in the middle of the trip. We’ve talked about maybe using my sky miles to fly her out for a while, to hang out and experience the APAC (Asia-Pacific geography for those not in into abbreviation). I think I’ll have some spurts of down time that we could use to see some of the island I’ve yet had the chance to check out. Who knows.

I was thinking back on my illustrious career history, trying, nay, stretching, for something to write about. Anyway, it all started when I got my very first job as a sandwich artist at Subway. I was barely sixteen. We locked people in the walk-in freezer, ate all the food we wanted, and set fire to the joint twice. From there I moved on to Arby’s, where I worked as a cashier and fast-food jockey. We stole 10lbs bags of curly fries. I quit the job at Arby’s to take a position as a “go boy” for a local CPA office. I made copies, did data entry, fetched files, took out the trash, etc. I worked there for over a year, moonlighting over the summer as a bagger at the local Winn Dixie. Eventually, I quit both the bagboy and gopher job for my dream job – record store clerk at the local mall. I pushed music for nigh on two years, eventually winding up as the lowest paid “assistant manager” ever. It’s OK though, the steady stream of nubile female clerks hired by the owner more than made up the difference.

Omni Music in the Merritt Square Mall, I used to alphabetize those shelves
with the quickness. And who’s that in the background?

I only quit the record store gig because I was moving. After that I didn’t work for a few years, just used my scholarship money and student loans to live. Took the bus around town after my car broke down, and finally found gainful employment again sometime later as an ADA programmer for Raytheon. Since it was only an internship thing through school, the job only lasted about four months. A time later I actually managed to matriculate, and landed my current job of four years. Back in the tech industry, working on something that I actually earned a degree in. There were other spotty jobs in there, making funnel cakes at craft shows for a few hundred a weekend, tutoring a high-school friend’s mother in college Algebra, etc. – but nothing meaningful. I think it’s a pretty varied employment history – and what’s better, it filled up nearly two paragraphs so as to make today’s entry look all the more beefy.

I’m outta here, time to give the leaked Beastie Boys album a test-spin. Nite.

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