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Got an update from the folks re: Frank.

Hey dogg – just wanted to let you know we got a letter from Frank today. He sounds okay, says he really misses Angela a lot and thinks they will get married over his leave at Christmas. He says he actually starts Basic tomorrow and won’t have a real address till then, so we still can’t write to him. He says he’s met a lot of new people and his lower bunkmate cries a lot cuz he’s never been away from home. Frank says he tries to “talk him up” but he still cries. He says Fort Knox is supposed to be the hardest place for basic – great! He also says they get up at 3:00 AM and don’t go to sleep till 9:00 at night. He got his glasses and can see much better – surprise, huh? Anyway, just thought you’d want to know he doing okay. He asked how you and Sharaun are so he’s thinkin’ about ya. Say hey to Sharaun, too and talk at you guys later.


To me, it sounds like Frizank is doing OK so far.

No red banner on CNN all day yesterday or thus far today. I predict a red banner by the end of the week, stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to figure out who I’m going to vote for in this upcoming recall election. I’m just so out of touch with politics, I don’t know when my lack of caring started – but I kinda wish I cared more.

I was checking my website stats today, and the blog page has really rocketed to the top. Probably because half those hits are me checking it for spelling errors and just generally admiring my own work. It’s getting about half the hits of my Mysterians site (man, I hate that site), but that makes sense since that page is a #1 return on Google. Still cool to think people might be reading this.

The cast of characters page has about 50% of the images I want already integrated into the format. Which means I should have it done by early next week. I was tempted to link an early version here, for feedback – but I’m gonna hold off and wait until it’s done to my liking.

I’m out.

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