I’ve never been a big consumer of YouTube. My preferred way to consume information on the internet is still reading, I’d choose a long-form article over a set of image macros or a YouTube/TikTok video any day. A preference that probably betrays my age.

Lately, though, I’ve discovered just how many old classic rock & roll live performances are available on YouTube. Right now, I’m watching a crystal clear 1973 performance of (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired by one of my favorite bands of all time, Traffic. With three percussionists and Steve leading the way with a mean guitar, I find it super engaging to watch.

The algorithm learns fast, too. Watch Mahogany Rush perform on Midnight Special, Traffic on a German live music show, and, man, you’ll get served up an endless series of amazing performances you’ve never seen before. For a music nut, watching a performance is an entirely different animal than even owning a bootleg of the same show.

I love looking at the sets, the wardrobe, the haircuts, the instruments – all of it. I like trying to spot what gear my favorite performers are using, which guitars and which keyboards and even which amps and speakers. I love looking at the custom drum kits and wondering what mics they’re using. Even though I really don’t know much about music gear at all, it’s fascinating to me.

OK sorry gotta go, they just started into Low Spark. Night.

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