Man, trying to find a place to camp on the Gulf Coast it Florida in January might be the most challenging “where the heck are we gonna sleep?” situation we’ve faced yet on this trip. Everything’s booked out for months by wintering full-timers. It’s more difficult even than what we’ve experienced at the most popular national parks.

Backing up and catching up, we left the in-law’s place on the Space Coast a week after the new year and spent a week at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. While a week at Disney is pretty awesome, it’s also a week-long death march that ends with sore feet, a bloated stomach, and an empty wallet.

The plan is to make it to the Southernmost spot in the lower 48 and then turn around and head north. I figure we’ll be headed out of Florida again in ten or so days. Our time here is beginning to feel overlong to me, like I felt about how long it took us to get out of California.

I’m ready to head into winter, maybe.

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