time to read, even

Hey guess what has to happen tonight?!  Nothing!

I have no phone calls, no pressing work for which I only need to “log on for an hour or so,” no overlooked housework, nothing.  I think it’s beginning to feel like I’m “home,” finally.  It takes time, you know, after being away, to get back into it.  We got back a week ago and I went immediately into two all-day conferences at work.  The weekend came and my sickness crowned and stole both those days and one more for good measure.  This left me having done next to nothing at work nor at home to “catch up” from the two weeks vacation we’d spent in Florida.  In all honesty, I spent yesterday and today getting back into it… like we’d just returned.  Put the suitcases away, started attacking the bulging inbox, took down the Christmas tree, shaved.  It feels good to be home.

I have time to read, even.  Been reading again.  Maybe I’ve written before about how I read in fits and starts, I can’t recall but if I did it’s because it’s true, I do.  I wish I could tell you I decided to tackle some of the more “heady” items on my “to read list,” you know like some Pynchon or Faulkner or Dickens or Shakespeare (all on there, all still on there), but I can’t (because I didn’t).  When I was in highschool I started reading Stephen King’s then new Dark Tower series (sidenote: other King books I read back in those days had noticeable influence on my writing of the time).  As with other long multi-part epics I’ve tackled, I gave up when I caught -up to the author’s output and had to wait for new volumes.  When we were at my folks’ place for Thanksgiving I decided I’d like to read them again, so I ordered the paperbacks for pennies used online.  I’m halfway through the sixth of eight books.

I also think I’ve written it before (I mean dang, I’ve written a lot, chances are I’ve written everything before), but as I read more I write more.  Seems impossible, since both take time, but it’s true.  I also write better.  Don’t judge me by this post though, this is not a good post.  I’ll go read a chapter and write tomorrow’s entry; tomorrow’s entry will be boss.


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