road life

I think most people would find it a little hard to believe how much I actually enjoy living full-time in this 30′ RV. It is, to be fair, anything but conventional. But guys, if I had a way to generate income I’d really consider being on the road indefinitely – no joke.

Yeah sure, everyday there’s a new tank to empty or fill, a new impossible-to-find-for-sale broken bit that needs replacing, some doodad that’s stuck or got bent the opposite way it’s intended to bend, not to mention the whole contraption is slowly rattling itself to pieces the more you drive it.

And there’s the fact that whatever you want is, by RV law, behind or under five things you don’t want but are bound to hep out and hep back again. There’s no space for anything and not enough space for everyone and almost always a line for the bathroom.

Yes there’s that and more, but, man, I really can’t get enough of the family time and sense of adventure and discovering. All the detractions have, in fact, become part of what I like – keeping the ship running, being the chief maintenance engineer, the master mechanic, the dad and husband.


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