straining against california

It’s like California has a hold on us, we just can’t seem to get across the border!

My inner pessimist keeps chiding me, telling me we’ve been on the road more than two months yet aren’t but a day’s drive away from where we started; that we’re laboring through some protracted failure to launch. Yes we went clear up to Seattle & back down – it’s just that “back down” bit that’s eating.

I realize this is completely symptomatic of my inability to just live-in & enjoy the moment, to not need to be looking forward to some future “then” or “when” where things will really start. We’ve started, we’re going, we’re having a blast… I have to stop discounting imagined undercards I deem ancillary to some imagined main event.

Sharaun doesn’t struggle with this, I feel like she’s just living for the day, doing much better than I at going with the wind. I’ll try to lean on her for insight.

But man, I do wish we could get out of California…

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