tomorrow and then…

Tomorrow is my last day at work for a year. 

OK, its really something like 357 days… but that’s close enough to a year.  

When Sharaun and I decided to do this trip, and it came time to inform the sawmill powers that be, I walked in resolved.  Not angry, not spiteful, just… resolved.  I was prepared to quit, but with intent to simply try to get back in after our trip.  I figured I’d have a good chance, my network is strong and track-record decent.  So I laid out my case; stated my intent.  And the sawmill said something like, “Oh don’t leave.  Just take some time.”  Not those words, but that was the sentiment.  So, I am.  I’m “taking some time.”

And that time begins tomorrow 5pm.  OK maybe 4pm; sue me.  The past week or so has been a blur of wrapping things up & send-off happy hours.  I’ve eaten tater tots for dinner and gotten Uber receipts with post-3am timestamps.  Not the best training for the ~80mi JMT hike I start next Friday, but a lot of fun regardless.  Re-born along the JMT into a new year… that worked out quite nicely.  

Anyway the last real work-things are now complete, yet I’ll finish my time in the office because that’s how I do.  It’s funny though, it’s like my career has wrapped around on itself… these “last” days blurring into something really familiar… sitting in a cube, mostly bereft of real work, listening to music – very much like those first days

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day at work for a year.   Guess I know what I’ll be listening to first-thing Saturday morning, huh?  Wow.


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