puerile politics

Watched the president brief the country on the debt talks this evening, then watched the speaker’s “rebuttal.”

Man what a disgusting, childish, disappointing and disheartening bout of playground name-calling.  If the goal here was to further alienate the American people, to perhaps convince those remaining few optimists that the system really is broken, to appear petty and stubborn and pouty – mission accomplished.  I both love and hate politics, but lately I’ve stopped caring because it’s just a joke.  If you weren’t convinced yet that US politics has entered the era of reality TV, you likely are after tonight.  Puerile, simply shameful – embarrassing on a global scale.

In the space where you are now reading this sentence I have typed, then deleted, three separate paragraphs.  Most were about music, or about how I’m sitting here with the windows open at night waiting for my 10pm meeting to start, or about something silly that happened at work today – but all of them were boring.


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