new headphones again

I ordered a pair of new headphones for work.  My old ones are beginning to disintegrate, or biodegrade, or simply disassemble themselves to protest the long working hours.  Every few years I need a new pair.

I would estimate that at least 60% of my workdays are spent in meetings.  I’ve written about it before, but meetings are a large part of what I do.  Of those meetings, probably 75% are taken via phone.  This means that I sit at my desk with a little wireless headset, muted, often only distractedly paying attention, listening for keywords while trying to get real work done at the same time.  Sometimes I have to give 100% attention, maybe 40% of the time.  That’s a lot of percentages, and it makes me think there’s an equation in there which could give me an idea of the ROI I get from these things.  But I digress.

When I’m not on meetings, I’m listening to music.  I log onto the Subsonic server I have running at home and I stream tunes right from the machine in my closet.  While it never really happens, you can bet that if there were a day where I had zero meetings that that’s also be a day where I listened to nearly eight hours of music.  There are no moments, aside from meetings, where I’m not listening to music.  Because music is so ever-present in my working day (heck, in my waking day, for that matter), a good pair of headphones is essential.  I paid $80 for this latest pair.  German jobs; an audiophile rig although I didn’t realize this when I bought them.  They just looked comfortable and I like comfortable.  I don’t want active noise cancelling, but they have to be over-ear (“circumaural,” says the package) and they need to have padding at the top so they don’t dig into my bald head.

I am trying them out right now as I write.  Sharaun is watching American Idol but the room is dead to me.  I’m using Grooveshark to evaluate a bunch of new records which I’ve heard people say are good. They are comfortable and they sound good so I’m happy I bought them.  I’m not happy I spent $80 but I suppose if you amortize that over years I hope to use them before the biodegrade or disintegrate or whatever it’s not bad.

Why even publish this?  Makes the month count look better.  Goodnight.

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