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  1. this is ridiculous! make sure you are storing the rocket motor in a stout wood box! also ignition only by remote electrical means, hahaha!

    1. For a lark, I should really try and comply to the letter here, noting how long it actually takes to get a rocket launched doing so. Maybe the local paper would pick up my hard-hitting exposé and it’d be the blog’s big break.

  2. Agreed ridiculous. 15 years ago, we started lots of fires launching them in El-Do.
    The best trick is to use a hacksaw and hack off the “top” part of the engine… there’s a slower burning grey material that you can remove, then use some masking tape and tape the shortened engine on the bottom of another. Instant two stage! 🙂
    Many Frogs met their death in the “payload” bay of my Neptune missles!

  3. This is ridiculous. I was never huge on rockets as a kid (I guess it was the whole thing with being a girl), but I remember trying it with my dad at least once. Basically he built the whole thing and us girls just watched the launch. We just went out into the yard and did it. No permit, no red-tape. It was a blast. Then again we lived out near Rio Linda so there’s was space to let it fall without hitting a neighbor’s house. I hope you find a good launch site.

    1. Happy to say we found a secret spot today and just took our chances. Keaton loved doing the countdown and pressing “blast-off” on the ignition switch. And I didn’t even have to post bail.

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