the sun < my day

Tuesday and the week already blows.

Tomorrow I rise before the sun, get on a plane just as the sun is showing up, and get back home on that very same plane sometime after the sun is gone again.  Who knows, if there are no windows in the conference room I’ll call home for the day I may not even see the sun for a whole twenty-four hours.  I suppose day-traveling like this is somewhat redeemed by the fact that it’s not commercial.  No parking garages; no security lines; no taking off shoes; no burned-tasting airport Starbucks.  Just a sleepy hour or so with other corporate commuters I plan to iIgnore, buried in the music.

It’s a quarter till ten at night.  A have a meeting at ten that’ll burn forty minutes or so.  After that Sharaun wants me to get out the ladder and climb into the rafters and pull down a bunch of old books and picture frames and other stored-and-forgotten who-knows-whats for some junk-swapping party she has tomorrow.  I take this to mean that, even though I may temporarily cheer the removal of some amount of junk from our house, an equal amount of different and new junk will come back tomorrow night to take its place.  The new stuff then, will enter the rotation, and something else will no doubt move up into the rafters where it will await next years junk-swap.  This is a very suburban-American thing to do.

After the romp in the rafters I need to hit the shower and shave my head.  Yes; I shaved my head.  Bald.  100% bald.  I called it my “last haircut.”  Something I’ve been thinking about for a while and went through with just this last weekend.  “Last haircut” is a misnomer, though, as I find myself shaving the thing every two to three days to keep it nice and slick-shiny.  And since tomorrow I’ll be holed up with the various high mucky-mucks at the sawmill I feel a need to look my slick-shiny best.  Shaving at night seems safest, even though I’ve yet to cut myself having done it solo twice already.

All this means I won’t be in bed before midnight… leaving me with a scant five hours to sleep.  Not enough by at least two hours if you ask me.

Finding time to write at all was hard.  Goodnight.

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