a heart made of dead, cold, steel

And then you forget.Good evening web friends.

Hope your week is going well.  Mine, so far, which has consisted of Monday only, has been slammed busy.  But let’s go.

It’s Tuesday as you read this and tomorrow morning I leave for Oregon.  Two days at the local sawmill there and then Friday my brother and I hit the trail.  A three day trip in the wilds of the Columbia River Gorge, trekking alongside creeks and waterfalls and camping alongside lakeshores.  The backpacking trip is honor of my brother’s 30th birthday, which is this coming Sunday.  I spent some time tonight gathering and checking all my gear: filling a couple flasks with port, stuffing my clothes into a compression sack, checking off items on the list of things I need to bring.  I think we’re all set – and I am probably more excited about this short hike than I’ve been about any in a while.  Really looking forward to spending the time with my brother and getting away from it all.

Keaton and I went to the gym together tonight (Mom had to go shopping with some girlfriends in preparation for a party they’re throwing this weekend).  On the way home, I had the radio off (can’t listen to the iPod in Sharaun’s car and there was nothing on the radio worth listening to) and Keaton began to sing.  It was so cute hearing her voice that I risked life, limb, and a citation by holding the iPhone in the air behind my head to record her.  I slapped together two of the best choruses from her singing and folded them down into a  single MP3 for your listening pleasure.   Check it:

Why can’t you see-ee-ee?  You be long to me-ee-ee!

Can someone find me an A&R man already, please?  If that doesn’t melt your heart then you either 1) have no heart or 2) have a heart made of dead, cold, steel.

Got word that both our new flooring (the raw materials, at least) arrive Friday.  Same day we’re supposed to get the new dining room table we ordered.  All the “upgrade 2009” projects seem to be hitting at the same time.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks around here as the projects kick into gear, but we’re both excited about the coming results.  I’ll post some pictures of the progress as it’s made.  And, the whole internet is invited over to check out the work when it’s finished.  OK?

Goodnight friends, I’m all done for the evening.  Until tomorrow.

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