Hippity.What a fantastic Easter.

The weather was unbeatable when we got home from church, perfect for hiding some eggs around the backyard and letting Keaton loose to hunt for them.  She did great; I guess three years old is the right age for really looking for eggs instead of just wandering around waiting for someone to point them out.  Was a great time.  Check out some images from the hoopla at the bottom of this post.

After Keaton’s nap we joined some friends for a big Easter get-together at a local park.  There was plenty of food, fun games, and a big grassy hill for the kids to roll down over and over and over again.  Grammy and Grandpa of course joined us for the food and fun – they’ve got one more day in town before their short flight back north again.

And, in just a couple weeks we’ll be packing up for a week in Aruba.  I cannot wait.  For real, I can’t.  Not because work has been particularly taxing lately (although it has, actually); and not because I feel like I haven’t had any “downtime” either (because, I have, here and there) – but moreso because I’m looking forward to spending some time with the family “just us.”  Additionally, I think it’ll be a great time having Sharaun’s folks join us for the week.  Yep, some family time is just what the doctor ordered.

OK, I’m outta here.  Some pictures for you:


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  1. Happy Easter Dave ! 🙂

    So any chance you send me a copy of the plugin “view all comments” ?

    That would be a great Easter egg for me! :))

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