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Hello Tuesday.

Sunday night I feel asleep on the couch around 8pm, so Sharaun tells me.  All I remember is her waking me around 11pm – I was really out, woke covered in sweat (an unfortunate byproduct of the first few hours of sleep for me).  It’s not like me to crash like this, but the extended slumber really felt great.

Anyway, you can blame that for the lack of writing last night.

My brain of late has been turning to our coming vacation, so much so that thoughts of getting out of Dodge on that appointed day had started to overtake my brain.  Combined with this, work has been in a strange limbo-like state for the past week, with ambiguity and uncertainty as the overriding theme each day.  It’s become somewhat of a drag, bringing me down by the end of each day and sending me home soured for the evening.

And so it was yesterday that I turned to the airline’s website to see if there might not be a comparably priced earlier flight to Florida.  Turns out there were tickets available at less than half what I payed when I bought our flights earlier this year, and they came with a four day extension our our five day vacation.  And, even after paying a whopping $300 in “change fees,” the airline owed us $240.

So, I’m happy to say we’ll be outta here earlier than planned and back later than planned, and will do it all for much less than we planned too – not much more you can ask for from a vacation modification…

It can’t come soon enough.  Goodnight.

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